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What Do You Need to Release to Have a Successful & Soul-Aligned Business in 2024 & Beyond?

Join the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit on February 27 - 29, 2024

Get your pass to this unique 3- day virtual event. Join other entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their consciousness, their profits, and serve the world through their work!

You will leave the summit with new strategies, tools, tips, and connections to elevate to a higher level of success replacing hustle with more JOY, ease & flow. Releasing that which isn't serving you and keeping that which serves you best!

Tickets are $198 for full access to the entire event!


Purchase by 11/30/2024 for access to a special bonus

  • Strategic Soulful Sucess Planning virtual event - 1/2 day event to focus on planning your 2024 multiple dates in December to choose from - value of $97

Sponsor Levels

The Pillars

Soulful Mindset

Soulful Success starts within. Mindset is the foundation to success in business and in life. Aligning your mindset with your heart helps you thrive in the other three pillars.

Soulful Money & Time

Money & time are energy. Feeling aligned with this area is essential. Topics like your offers, pricing, money mindset, sales, and the tactical aspects of resource management are part of soulful success.

Soulful Messaging

What is your purpose and how are you sharing it. Covering topics such as branding, marketing, PR/Media are the tools that allow us to call in our audience.

Soulful Community

This is all about building & engaging your community. We know that soulful entrepreneurs want to make an impact on the goes beyond making's finding your people, delivering value, showing up, and supporting.

What does soulful success mean?


There are more than one ways to succeed. One approach is through hustle, grind, and pushing- this is the soul-crushing path that often leads to burnout. The other is in a way that uses surrender, intuition, and knowledge from a higher place- this is the more soul-aligned approach that leads to success with tranquility and fulfillment.


The path to soulful success is not all fluff though. It requires clarity, connection, and an understanding of how to take action in a way that aligns with you and your own individual journey and goals. This is why we are bringing together other successful entrepreneurs who have discovered approaches to business that allow a sense of ease, grace, and flow to create the prosperity that was ultimately meant for them all along.


The contributors and attendees we attract for this event value authenticity, connection, and service. These will be interactive action-oriented sessions so we only select speakers who encourage audience engagement. 

What To Expect

Daily times & events may vary slightly.

View the full schedule for more details.

In addition to the live events, there will be plenty of engagement between our summit contributors and attendees via our community on the Mighty Networks platform.

Meet Your Summit Host

Hi, I'm Alison Proffit and I'm so glad that you are here! I founded my business, Proffit Coach in 2019. This was after 4 previous failed business endeavors, journeys that helped me learn many new skills and strategies.


My philosophy is that JOY is the Best Business Strategy

The vision for the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit stemmed from my own desire to feel more joyful and less alone in starting, growing, and running my business. I invite you to join us at this event not just to learn and be inspired but to also grow your community. After all, business is not meant to done alone...especially if you are a soulful entrepreneur!

As a holistic business coach, teacher, and consultant, I help service-based business owners identify and enhance their skills and strategies for success (and more profits) in business and life. My approach integrates mind, body, and spirit practices and from a business sense is uniquely informed by over 2 decades of work in Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, and Operations in many different industries.

I look forward to having FUN and growing together!

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