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Application Window is Now Closed! Speaker Notifications will be done the week of November 1st
In January 2021, we created a magical and transformational experience that brought together soulful entrepreneurs in a fun and sacred space to learn, grow and connect. The event was beyond our wildest dreams and as it unfolded we knew that we were creating a legacy event. 

We look forward to connecting with you and having the opportunity to consider you as a contributor for the 2nd Annual Soulful Entrepreneur Summit!

Limited number of applications being accepted
Welcome video

As small businesses, we ARE a huge part of the global economy. When we come together to learn how to step into our purpose and serve the world through our gifts, amazing shifts happen. You and I know this. Let’s come together, rise above the noise, and learn how to scale while staying connected to our truths. By learning from and building our connection to other soul-centered entrepreneurs, we can elevate our lives and businesses, thereby changing the world. 

Are you a good fit to apply to be a summit contributor and help guide business owners on their path to soul-aligned success in 2022? 

If you have continued to successfully scale your business throughout these unprecedented times and want to share the strategies, stories and tools with others - then don't delay! Apply here and to be considered to be a part of what is sure to be an amazing line up for the 2022 Soulful Entrepreneur Summit. We can't wait to have you help us with our mission to elevate small business owners consciousness and their profits!

The event will consist of daily expert panel discussions, interactive learning sessions, live coaching opportunities, networking, and more...all delivered via Zoom live to of our attendees!

What does soulful success mean?


There are more than one ways to succeed. One approach is through hustle, grind, and pushing- this is the soul-crushing path that often leads to burnout. The other is in a way that uses surrender, intuition, and knowledge from a higher place- this is the more soul-aligned approach that leads to success with tranquility and fulfillment.


The path to soulful success is not all fluff though. It requires clarity, connection, and an understanding of how to take action in a way that aligns with you and your own individual journey and goals. This is why we are bringing together other successful entrepreneurs who have discovered approaches to business that allow a sense of ease, grace, and flow to create the prosperity that was ultimately meant for them all along.

What topics are covered in this event?

We have 4 pillars that we are seeking contributors for.

  • Soulful Mindset- Soulful Success starts from within

  • Soulful Money & Time- This is about resources. Money and time are energy and feeling aligned with this area is important. Topics like pricing, money mindset, sales and the tactical aspects of resource & operations management are part of soulful success

  • Soulful Messaging- What is our purpose and how are we sharing it. Topics such as branding, marketing, PR/Media are the tools that allow us to call in our audience

  • Soulful Community- This is all about building & engaging our community. We know our soulful entrepreneurs want to make an impact on the goes beyond making's building a following, delivering value, showing up and supporting.


The contributors we are looking for value authenticity, connection and service. These will be interactive sessions and so if you typically rely heavily on slides and your presentation style does not encourage audience engagement, this event may not be the best fit for you to speak at.

If you don't want to apply to speak but you want to be notified of event details and ticket availability, click the link below!

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