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Summit Speaker Line-up

Join the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit on January 24-28, 2022


We have curated an amazing line up of contributors who are so stoked to share their wisdom, stories and tools.

You will leave the summit with new strategies, tools, tips and connections to elevate to a higher level of success replacing hustle with more ease & flow!


This virtual summit is going to consist of daily expert panel discussions, interactive learning sessions, live coaching, networking, and more.

The Pillars

Soulful Mindset

Soulful Success starts within. Mindset is the foundation to success in business and in life. Aligning your mindset with your heart helps you thrive in the other three pillars.

Soulful Money & Time

Money & time are energy. Feeling aligned with this area is essential. Topics like pricing, money mindset, sales, and the tactical aspects of resource management are part of soulful success.

Soulful Messaging

What is our purpose and how are we sharing it. Covering topics such as branding, marketing, PR/Media are the tools that allow us to call in our audience.

Soulful Community

This is all about building & engaging your community. We know that soulful entrepreneurs want to make an impact on the goes beyond making's finding your people, delivering value, showing up, and supporting.

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